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Wellness Client Testimonials and Product Reviews

Amy has been a vital part of my health over the past two years as I prepared for pregnancy and, even more importantly, over the past nine months as I have gone through an entire pregnancy.   I have used Amy’s services for both nutrition coaching and custom herbal support.


Pre-pregnancy, Amy helped me to hone in on simple dietary adjustments that improved my digestion and contributed to overall better energy and health.  She has prepared custom herbal teas and tinctures to deal with specific health issues like sleep, UTIs, yeast infections, fertility, and even the common cold.  The results have been amazing – with Amy’s support I have almost entirely avoided prescription and over-the-counter meds for well over a year and often get better results.


Throughout pregnancy, Amy has helped me to tailor an eating plan specific for the needs of pregnancy.  I have gone through my entire pregnancy without nausea, food cravings, blood sugar issues, and many of the discomforts that most people consider to be a common down-side of pregnancy.  Her custom herbal remedies have been a life saver, especially since many common medicines are not safe to take in pregnancy.  I started using Amy’s “Growing Belly Lotion” in my second trimester when I noticed stretch marks on my waste – the existing stretch marks halted completely and I haven’t seen a single new stretch mark on my body since – I use it every day and have given it as a gift to several other expecting mamas.  It’s amazing.


Amy’s support will be essential to me during the post-partum period as my body goes through a major transition and as I look for safe, natural products for my new baby.  Amy is my family’s most trusted “pharmacy,” and we turn to her for just about everything now!


Thanks Amy!

– Jeanne Louderbough Callan, Boulder, CO


I had a 50 minute flower essence session with Amy at a time when I was struggling with sleep deprivation and low energy. My son was about one at the time and I was caring for him full time as well as working to support our family. I was feeling burned out. My session with Amy helped rejuvenate, relax and ground me. I felt invigorated yet calm after our session – better than I had for a long time. I felt like my ‘true’ self. The essence she gave me afterward helped bring me back to that grounded, relaxed feeling.


Amy is incredibly warm, friendly and caring.  It’s so easy to be with her and to share delicate information. I highly recommend her services.

– Melisa Woodhall, Tucson, AZ


I contacted Amy about a year ago to help me address a skin rash I have had all my life. After her initial sessions, she encouraged me to undertake an elimination diet and helped me determine what to test and what I could eat (not a lot).  I admit to having been very skeptical about the whole thing, but I  followed her recommendations.  I did not notice any change to my rash during the six weeks of the elimination, but I stuck with it so I would never have to do it again. On the first day of the seventh week, I noticed my rash had substantially faded, and by the end of the week, it was gone.


I was both surprised and delighted, as I had suffered with this rash all my life and was resigned to living with it.  I had always wondered what I would be willing to give up to be free of it, but did not imagine that I ever would be.  I slowly returned the eliminated foods to my diet in accordance with Amy’s directions, and discovered that I was sensitive to both eggs and nightshades.  I had never thought I would be able to give those up, but to avoid the rash I have dropped them completely from my diet, and have been rash-free for a year.


During our initial discussions, Amy mentioned that some people affected by food sensitivities can reintroduce eliminated foods into their diets without problems if they heal their digestive systems.  I recently asked her to assist me with this process and am implementing her advice. I know that Amy’s guidance will help me to follow a healthy and nurturing diet.


In working with Amy I have found her nutritional counseling to be both informative and very helpful, and can recommend her to anyone wishing to improve their diet and health.

– Ellen T Louderbough, Albuquerque, NM


Amy is a unique healer in that she is as comfortable in the scientific, fact-based realm as she is in the intuitive, feeling-based realm. I was impressed by her vast understanding of nutrition, stress management, and healthy lifestyle choices. She was able to sweetly tap in to the heart of my current situation and provide me with a flower essence formula that supported my body in returning to balance. For me, the results were both subtle and very profound… I have started to believe that I can truly be free of unhealthy patterns I’ve had my whole life, and can feel the shift taking place slowly. I have great praise for Amy’s work and recommend her highly!

– Beth Daunis, Tucson, AZ


My cleanse experience with Amy and Jessica was by far the most approachable, structured, and supported than any other I’ve had. Before even starting the cleanse, I was provided an arsenal of information to guide me to success with myriad preparation materials – and the guidance continued every step of the way! Focusing holistically on anti-inflammatory and liver-happy foods – but not severely restricting the diet – I felt completely and deeply nourished with plenty of options for food choices, and I believe because of this – unlike in previous cleanses I’ve done – I experienced zero cravings. And the recipes were freaking DELICIOUS!! I’m amazed at how many of the dishes I would like to include in my post-cleanse eating regime.


The daily protocol was spelled out super clear and included not only healthful eating but also self-care, inviting me to develop a movement practice or take a nightly bath. All of these elements together were important in creating a safe, attainable, and highly motivating environment for lifestyle change. Health is not just about food – it’s also about our thoughts, feelings, habits, ways of being…I love how Amy and Jessica used this program to “cleanse” ALL of these aspects of the self. Something I never expected to receive when I started the program – I now have very real, tangible tools for a more healthy way of LIVING.

– Kimberly Madison, Tucson, AZ


I had a very positive experience with the Spring Clean-Up.  I lost 8 pounds and 11 inches!  Better than that I found out that I don’t have to have a lot of foods that I thought I needed.  My husband and I have found some really good recipes that we will continue to use.  The support of the group was helpful.  It was nice to talk to others going through the same experience. Amy and Jessica were wonderful they were quick to offer support and answer questions.  I also use quite a few of Amy’s products which are great!

– Valerie Rivera, Albany, NY


This is a supported cleanse that left me feeling so much more appreciative of myself.  To feed myself, nourish my mind and body left me sleeping better, more focused mentally with everyday decisions, and calm in the face of crazy makers.  My belly is flat, I lost about 5 lbs. and I have some new food habits that I am convinced will continue to decrease my joint pain, and address my core issue of inflammation.  Jessica and Amy are great coaches, so smart, creative and encouraging at every sugar craving moment. Thank you so very much.

– Tanya Travis, Grand Junction, CO


I received a sample of MarshMeadow Healing Salve two days after deeply puncturing the skin between the bridge of my nose and my eye.  I used a store purchased ointment to keep the area protected from infection.  The ointment kept the area covered, however, it was thick and seemed to weep, causing me to constantly dab it with a tissue.


I started using MarshMeadow Healing Salve the same evening that I received it.  I soon found that I only needed 1/4 of the amount that I was using of the store brand.


MarshMeadow Healing Salve goes on smooth, feels silky, is light and feels completely natural.  There is little to no scent and once applied, can be forgotten about.  It does it’s job perfectly.  It does not drip or feel bulky.  After application, I find myself wiping the excess on other dry areas of my body or into my eyebrows to keep them styled, rather than wiping it on a tissue as I did with the other ointment.


I used the MarshMeadow Healing Salve each evening before bed and put a bit on under my daily lotion.  The cut was healing noticeably faster, was less painful, and the bright red color was diminishing rapidly.  The first photo is from the day I began using MarshMeadow Healing Salve and the second photo is less than 10 days later.


Goodbye Neosporin, hello MarshMeadow Healing Salve.

– Jenn Zupancic, Tucson, AZ


I love to give gifts to others. It is one of my absolute joys in life. Whole Heart Wellness is now my “go to” place for the best gifts on the planet. I love to pick out thank you gifts, birthday, holiday and hospitality gifts from the beautiful array of products and services offered by Whole Heart Wellness. And guess what….it is a great gift to give to yourself most of all! Thank you for all of the great work and wonderful products that you provide for all of us – I love you with my whole heart.

– Kelly King, Tucson AZ


Amy has become an integral part of my wellness! She has become my go to person for any aliment. From her natural wisdom and her intuitive senses, to her deep understanding of the body’s systems and her knowledge of plants and their healing properties, Amy offers a solution to optimize your health and vitality. As a natural healer Amy listens deeply and offers simple take away solutions that can lift your spirits and your health.

Amy cares deeply and genuinely for the health of others and for the planet and she makes her products with that energy. Using the finest ingredients and the truest intentions her products are juicy and delicious. While not all of them are edible, my personal favorite is the moisturizing honey face wash. It’s gentle natural exfoliate properties help my skin refresh while deeply moisturizing, leaving my skin looking and feeling balanced and hydrated! And, admittedly, I might lick my lips to taste some of that Colorado honey… but it sure feels good knowing I can basically eat this product with no harm to me or the waterways!

– Jessy Servi, Milwaukee, WI